"Knowing that things could be worse should not stop us from trying to make them better"
-Sheryl Sandberg


Who We Are

Ochre (India) is a start-up established to conceive, design and produce dynamic event experiences on all educational fronts which is aimed at creating a network for professionals and academicians. Ochre (India) is a women-owned and operated creative organization specializing in organizing educational events. From moments to movements, our ideas show up, stand out, and drive business thereby helping educational institutions to successfully organize and execute their events on a wider platform.

What We Do

Specializing in the creation of exceptional educational events, we design, plan and manage every project from conception to execution. Our team of seasoned professionals understands that breakthrough ideas can only be executed with a vision backed by disciplined efforts. At Ochre (India), we believe that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of logistics and the creation of astonishment. Our events are completely customized, reflecting the core values of the institution to its audience.


Event planning requires viewing a big picture with tiniest details. Educational events have immense potential as it involves young minds and energy. No matter how big or small; every educational event has ample opportunities. Still, educational / University level events fall behind when it comes to planning and execution. We, at Ochre (India) dream to thrive in this sector by integrated execution of smallest to the largest events right from its conception.

Services provided by Ochre (India):

● National Moot Court Competition

Moot court is generally an extracurricular activity in law school (although some law schools have a mandatory version of this activity as part of their curriculum). A legal question or issue is said to be moot when it presents no actual controversy, or where the issue has ceased to exist. Thus, moot court is a forum for law students to argue moot or hypothetical cases. We at Ochre (India) conceptualize, plan and execute such intellectually stimulating activities right from its inception. The institutes can thereby completely rely upon us for successful execution of such big events. Many times, due to shortage of working force at the university/ department such large-scale events do not take place in the desired manner but if it’s done with professional help, it may have immense potential to boost up the image of the university/ institution. We at Ochre (India) maintain complete transparency with regards to the management of such events.

● International Conferences

Conferences are an essential part of academic life, but with all of the focus on getting papers accepted and the stress of presenting or giving talks, they can sometimes feel like an overwhelming or even scary experience. One of the biggest benefits of attending a conference is getting to know other people in your field. It is a well-established fact that conferences are a key opportunity for networking. We help the institutions to organize international conferences with the theme of their preference and give additional benefits for overall academic grooming to the students of that institution.

● Skill Enhancement Programme- National Level (for PG students and faculty)

It has been long believed that the most important resource that any institution of higher education has is its faculty members who teach knowledge and skills to students. Traditionally most universities recruited faculty members more for their content knowledge and clinical skills rather than for their educational skills due to which, the shortcoming in teaching performance is realised.The prototype of Skill Enhancement Programme would be a short, focused series of training workshops providing exposure to sound teaching principles, educational techniques, or chosen topics, ideally with some opportunity to practice newly acquired skills. These short-term programs typically addressed very limited content and teaching objectives, such as clinical educational skills, curriculum design etc. Such Skill Enhancement Programme also help those students (PG) who want to enter into academics as the programme includes topics such as, ways to write an effective research paper, Tips to identify good (Valid) journals, ways to write a good research proposal, Research Methodology, Effective teaching methods etc.


- Para Legal Volunteer Training
- Career Guidance Workshops
- Life Coaching Workshops
- Legal Podcasts